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Here you can find the frequently asked questions and answers about Clavis

Is it compatible with all automations?

For the moment, the App CLAVIS can only be used by inserting the device WI-CLAVIS into the STARG8 control board. From 2019, CLAVIS App is also compatible with ROLLS automation.

Can I connect more than one automation?

Yes, you can. The App is designed to connect as many WI-CLAVIS as you wish. Please register following the instructions given in the quick guide.

Can I monitor who’s using the gate?

Thanks to the App, you can monitor from remote all access of your registered automations.

What about if the phone shuts down or the battery dies?

If the cell phone shuts down or the battery dies, all data is saved in the cloud which is connected to the App. To open the gate, you’d have to follow the standard procedure as you wouldn’t have your remote control with you.

What about if I lose my cell phone?

The App is protected by a password therefore without it, all data will be inaccessible.

How do I connect my cell phone to WI-CLAVIS?

WI-CLAVIS is a Wi-Fi device that, inserted into the STARG8 control board, simply connects to your home Wi-Fi network.

Why have I not received my verification email?

First, check your SPAM emails and make sure that the data given at time of registration is correct. If the problem persists, please contact customer support.

Where can I buy WI-CLAVIS?

WI-CLAVIS is a KINGgates product which supplies a wide range of direct distributors.

What about if I relocate?

If you relocate, you just register your new gate automations and keep all data already saved in the cloud. You can also delete the automations not in use anymore.

How can you reset a Clavis to be able to use it on another site and by other users?

The reset procedure of the Wi Clavis module is:
- Press START button on the STARG8 board for 9s until all LEDs flash
- Release START button
- Press SET button for 4 s and Set, Radio, Start LEDs will flash together 4 times
Be aware that you need also to cancel your automation into the CLAVIS App.

How many automations can I connect?

There is no limit to the number of automations you can connect to the App.

Is it compatible with all automations already installed?

The App is compatible only when the device Wi-CLAVIS is installed into the STARG8 control board (from June 2018 version). From 2019 it will be possible to install WI-CLAVIS on all KINGgates control boards thanks to an adapter.

What shall I do if my client loses his phone?

All your client data can be retrieved from a specific database where they were previously saved.

Does the App CLAVIS substitute the SPECIALIST App?

No, it doesn’t. CLAVIS App is designed for the final user whilst the SPECIALIST App is dedicated to the installer.

Who can see the LOG?

Only the MASTER user, administrator, can see all operations performed by other users.

What’s on the fourth page of the APP?

On the fourth page you can view all permits granted.

What is an authorization?

It is a special permission that can be limited in time and shared with multiple users.

How do I authorize someone?

Only the MASTER user can grant authorizations.

What’s on the fifth page of the APP?

This page is limited only to the MASTER user. Here you can check all registered users and all authorizations granted.

What is geolocation for?

The system uses your phone geolocation to perceive when it is near the gate.

How do I choose the opening radius?

Once the opening mode is established among the three offered, you can define within which distance the gate will open.

Why is it important to specify the opening mode?

The opening mode can be selected among the following 3 options:
- automatic: the gate will open when within the selected opening radius. Please note that the phone GPS should always be kept switched on.
- semi-automatic: when within the opening radius a notification will come up on your smartphone with an OPEN button.
- manual: to open the gate, you would have to access the App menu dedicated to manual opening.


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